Support Coordination


Support Coordination and the NDIS

The NDIS can be a confusing and difficult landscape to process and make use of. There can be a lot of uncertainty when accessing supports because of a lack of understanding about funding. Even the best NDIS plans can be useless if someone does not know where to start when accessing the right services from quality organisations.
What is Support Coordination?

Support coordination is a service funded via NDIS plans that provides NDIS participants with support to implement their NDIS plan and achieve their goals. The main areas in which support coordinators assist participants are understanding their NDIS plan, understanding how services work, education on how to advocate for yourself, who the best supports and organisations are that can assist you, supporting you during NDIS planning meetings, managing underperforming service providers, and many other areas.

What is Specialist Support Coordination?

A specialist support coordinator does everything that a support coordinator does, but also deals with higher levels of complexity. Additional areas that a specialist support coordinator assists are risk management and assessment, interfacing with mainstream services, improving outcomes from care teams, engaging people who can be difficult to communicate with, solving barriers in NDIS plan implementation.

Our specialist support coordinators have quality experience in common areas of complexity including homelessness, justice involvement, ABI, hospital discharge, long term psychiatric care, significant behaviours of concern, alcohol and other drugs.

What makes Carfi different?
We understand that your disability needs don’t stop because it’s a holiday or the weekend.
We understand that a lack of supports can mean more than just not being able to go out that day.
We understand that not hearing from your support coordinator can cause significant anxiety and stress.
We understand that assisting you to implement supports needs to happen yesterday.
We understand that you are the decision maker for your own supports, not us.
We understand you need an expert in how the NDIS operates so you get better outcomes.
We understand that actions are stronger than words.
We understand you need progression updates on actions the support coordinator is working on.
We understand you need transparency in the services you are provided.
Areas of Expertise
Autism Spectrum
Complex Mental Health
Intellectual Disability
Transition to SDA/SIL
Behaviours of Concern
Child Protection or Family Service Involvement
Transition from Incarceration to the Community
Out of Home Care Accommodation Arrangements
About our Team
Our support coordinators and specialist support coordinator teams are comprised of people that understand disability, with the qualifications needs to ensure you are supported by professionals.