Digital Mental Health & Wellbeing Programs


Building Mental Health Literacy in a Psychologically Safe Environment

Our digital mental health and wellbeing programs educate and demonstrate techniques to effectively deal with various issues people are likely to be confronted with within a workplace. To minimise work disruption, our programs are conveniently delivered online via our LMS platform. Our training sessions are designed to raise workplace issue awareness and include a number of skill building exercises.

Our Programs

Access Carfi's range of digital training programs through our LMS, or license our packages for inclusion in your existing systems
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This course outlines the role, responsibilities and duties of an NDIS Support Coordinator in effectively supporting participants with a disability, including:

  • the NDIS process
  • how the Support Coordinator supports participants in utilising their NDIS plan
  • how to best access appropriate supports and services.
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This course provides participants with an understanding of PFA, including:

  • Describe the role PFA plays in supporting colleagues in the workplace
  • Outline the aims, goals and limitations of PFA
  • Evaluate the use of interpersonal skills to effectively provide PFA
  • Recognise the signs of distress
  • Apply the PFA framework
  • Describe the important concepts related to PFA
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This course explores the person-centred approach to injury management and return to work coordination for complex physical and psychological injury cases. The course will examine how to apply a person-centred communication framework to effectively engage with team members, managers and treating health practitioners to improve team members’ health and return to work outcomes.

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Aimed at Management level employees, this course assists Leaders to:

  • Understand the importance of their role in early intervention
  • Develop the ability to identify and defuse early warning signs of distress
  • Develop an understanding of the alienation cycle, and
  • Understand the early intervention framework that equips leaders with the skills to engage in effective and supportive conversations with their team
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This course, aimed at customer-facing staff, explores the challenges that customers may be experiencing. It assists these staff to:

  • Identify the early warning signs of distress
  • Develop and utilise a framework to strategically respond to, and defuse, challenging emotions and behaviour from customers
  • Learn strategies for effective communication to support people in distress
  • Explore supports for ourselves, including self-care.
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This course examines the impact of our mindset and interpretation on how we respond to challenges. It will assist staff to:

  • Learn strategies to build a mindset to:
    • Build positive self-belief
    • Adopt an internal locus of control
    • Maintain perspective
    • Socially connect
    • Embrace change and flexibility
    • Problem solve
    • Engage in self-care
  • Use the Start, Stop, Continue framework to take action to maximise wellbeing

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