Return to Work - Same Employer


What is Return to Work - Same Employer ?

We work to assist injured employees either remain at, or return to work. We help to determine if an employee can return to their pre-injury or alternative duties.
Initial Rehabilitation Assessment

Carfi work with employers and insurers to conduct Initial Rehabilitation Assessments. Assessments are usually conducted onsite and examine the rehabilitation needs of an employee and the workplace requirements in order to develop a rehabilitation/Return To Work (RTW) plan.

The Initial Rehabilitation Assessment details the services we recommend to assist the employee in returning to their normal hours and duties, plus it also identifies any barriers that would negatively impact this process.

Return to Work Planning and Case Management

Each Return to Work (RTW) plan is carefully managed to ensure Carfi occupational rehabilitation services will:

Identify and address the critical physical, psychological, social, environmental and organisational risk factors and barriers which may have an impact on a worker’s ability to successfully return to work Identify potential suitable, modified and alternative duties, in accordance with rehabilitation goals and recovery
Assist the worker and employer to structure the duties and incorporate them into RTW planning which will then be regularly reviewed in consultation with the injured worker, the treating health practitioner and the employer
Monitor the RTW Plan to ensure that all tasks are carried out safely while working towards the RTW goal
Be responsive to address concerns raised by any of the stakeholders involved
Communicate regularly with the worker, the employer, the treating practitioners and the insurer regarding the return to work progress
Undertake regular workplace review meetings
Attend medical reviews / case conferences, as required
Recognise the importance of sustaining the RTW goal in order to ensure a durable return to work outcome.