Critical Incident Services


What is Critical Incident Debriefing?

Critical Incident Debriefing (CID) aims to reduce the likelihood of post-traumatic stress disorder and provides normalised results following an abnormal incident. During an incident of this nature, we can efficiently mobilise counselling, debriefing and support services onsite for the employee, family or the colleagues impacted by the incident.

A rapid Critical Incident Debriefing can:

Start the recovery process by providing a framework for the affected parties to understand their experiences
Educate the employee(s) in common responses to trauma, and provide advice about the process of recovery
Provide trauma management strategies for implementation in the workplace to support involved or affected staff.

What is Trauma Focused Counselling?

Sometimes individuals can have a reaction to a critical incident over and above what would be normally expected. Symptoms can include acute distress or anxiety and in these situations Carfi can undertake a risk assessment to determine what suitable intervention is required.

In most cases a psychological intervention will help to contain the symptoms, however in more extreme cases, if immediate intervention is not effective, a referral for medical services will be discussed and implemented.