Return to Work - New Employer


What is Return to Work - New Employer ?

In some instances, returning to work with the original employer is not possible. For these situations Carfi work with all key parties to identify the best alternative employment opportunities.
Vocational Assessments (VA)

We begin the process by conducting a Vocational Assessment. This involves an in-depth interview aimed at identifying realistic alternative employment options, which are in line with an individual’s work experience, qualifications, transferable skills, physical/psychological abilities, and linked to the job market. Once this is done we can recommend employers and jobs that have the right fit with the prospective employee’s skill sets.

Job Seeking Services (JSS) Program

A JSS Program is recommended when it’s not possible to return to work with the pre-injury employer and suitable alternatives have been identified during a Vocational Assessment. The JSS program equip injured workers with job seeking skills to find their new employer sooner.

Vocational Re-education / Retraining

Sometimes we may recommend retraining to help an employee improve their chances of gaining employment. We identify courses that build upon previous work experience and transferable skills, rather than proposing a career re-direction. Retraining is a good option when all other return to work avenues have been exhausted and when the employees’ current skills are unlikely to attract new employment.

Vocational Counselling

We provide vocational counselling to make injured employees aware of their work potential when job seeking. Vocational counselling is an important part of a rehabilitation program and we may recommend vocational counselling if the injured worker is uncertain about their job direction, appears unmotivated in searching for a job, is experiencing difficulties in securing or maintaining employment, or if there are significant barriers to employment which have been identified.

Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)

A Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) is an assessment of transferable skills to support case management planning for injured workers who do not have a work capacity and preparatory steps are required to identify future potential employment options.

Capacity Support Services (CSS)

The purpose of this service is to establish whether an injured worker has a current work capacity for potential job seeking. Carfi plans and implements a six week strategy, utilising our expertise and judgment to structure the CSS to ensure it is customised to the individual needs of the injured worker.