Additional Specialised Assessments


Other Occupational Rehabilitation Services

Worksite Assessments

Carfi conducts worksite assessments at the workplace, with both the employer and injured worker present. We look at the physical or psychological demands of the pre-injury job role and recommend alternative, modified, or suitable duties. We use the assessment to then develop the most appropriate RTW Plan.

Office Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic assessments ensure that staff have correctly adjusted workstations and ergonomic equipment, such as a chair, monitor, keyboard and mouse set up, manual handling techniques and work flow, etc.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

This evaluation determines an individual’s performance levels and functional tolerances and compares them to the demands of the job role.

Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluation (CFCE)

A CFCE provides an objective measure of an employee’s cognitive functioning following a workplace injury. Using psychometric testing, we test a worker’s residual cognitive capacity, such as awareness, perception, reasoning and judgment, to undergo occupational rehabilitation and to determine the suitability of their duties in the workplace.

Task Analysis

The task analysis provides an essential tool to negotiate the suitability of duties offered as part of a RTW Plan with treating practitioners.