Executive Coaching


How Can Carfi Help?

Equipping your people with the knowledge and opportunities they need to develop themselves and become more effective leaders.

Carfi can partner with your organisation to provide executive leadership coaching services. Carfi work with leaders to identify strengths and areas for development in their leadership styles, identify development goals, determine strategies to address development areas and provide regular evaluation of progress. Where appropriate, Carfi’s coaching program involves both the person and their leader in the identification, development, and evaluation of goals.

Introduction Meeting with Line Managers

30 minute Introductory meeting between Carfi and the two line-managers to discuss their expectations for the coaching program.

One-on-One Meeting with Participant

This will provide an opportunity for the coach and participant to get to know each other, as well as for the coach and participant to discuss the participant’s expectations and goals for the coaching program.

Group Meeting

This will enable a transparent, round table discussion to clearly set expectations and goals from all parties.

Establishment of Development Goals

Carfi will formally establish the development goals and have these signed off by all stakeholders.

Initial Coaching Sessions

The participant will then engage in six one-on-one coaching sessions (weekly) with the Coach.

Evaluation Session

Carfi will facilitate an evaluation session with the participant and the line-mangers to discuss conclusions, reflect on the session and plan for next steps.

Decision on Next Steps

Depending on the outcomes of the coaching sessions and the discussion during the evaluation session Carfi will work with both Organisation and the participant to decide next steps.