Carfi now delivering NES under WorkSafe VIC!

As of 1st July 2015, Carfi is delivering New Employer Services (NES) under WorkSafe VIC. In the lead up to July, Carfi took part in working groups with WorkSafe Victoria regarding changes to the NES model as a matter of improving service delivery and ensuring greater outcomes for Injured Workers. Carfi is pleased to be working within this model and welcomes the changes that have been introduced by WorkSafe as we believe them to be pivotal in increasing opportunities for injured workers to return to work.

Carfi takes pride in its service delivery and has a long-standing reputation in the industry, particularly in managing complex physical and psychological cases. Carfi’s team is comprised of a large group of psychologists and Vocational Specialists, in addition to its dedicated multidisciplinary team who are committed to addressing barriers to return to work leading to greater return to work outcomes.

For further information regarding the NES services delivered by Carfi, please contact Bernadette or Mark on 1300 737 403. 

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